Monday, July 7

long live the queen

Oh, London. I love you. A few months ago another flight attendant swapped my trip for their London at the last minute. Not complaining. I immediately picked up the phone to call my mom and asked if she wanted to join me. Within 30 minutes we had booked her on my flight and she started preparations. Elated at the thought of our first mommy/daughter trip together, we started planning.

In September, the Queen was away from the palace meaning the general public had access to tour the state rooms. An incredible opportunity that I'm so amazed to have been part of! This was our first stop...

Unfortunately, they didn't allow photos inside the palace but in the gardens? Well, they didn't specify so I went for it. We had tea and cakes at The Garden Cafe. It was superb.

I cute is this?

And the obligatory phone booth picture.

And street music. In every city I find a street musician. This man was unbelievably talented. What a privilege to stop and enjoy his music.

For the very few of you that follow this blog...I have a lot to update you on. This post was drafted in the fall and so much has happened since. If you're still following along, wait just a bit longer. I can't leave this book unfinished. This crazy, exciting, wonderful flight attendant life of mine is coming to a close and I promise to tell you more about why, when, and what's next.