1. What airline do you work for?
While the airline I work for approves of it's employees stating their employer, I have chosen to shy away from saying the airline I work for on social media. I will say that I work for a major U.S. airline and am extremely proud to work for them! At some point, I may end up sharing the airline I work for, but for now, I'll leave some mystery to things :)

2. What is your schedule like?
Every airline is different in their scheduling but they all share the same overarching theme. Seniority rules. It is everything in the airline industry...from the trips you can hold to the amount of days on-call. Schedules are awarded via a bidding system. A few weeks before the start of a new month, employees 'bid' for their schedule. You bid on specifics like the hours you want to work, the cities you want to fly into, how long your trips will be, when your check in will be, etc. All of that goes into the system and a few weeks after bids are closed, we are awarded our schedules. Again, it is all based on seniority, so the most senior employees hold better trips. I try to bid my schedule where my trips are smushed together so I don't have to commute as much. Because of that, I typically fly 3-7 days in a row, working both domestic and international trips.

3. Where are you based?
I am currently based out of NYC covering JFK, EWR, and LGA.

4. Where do you live?
Birmingham, AL. Yes, I commute to New York bleh.

5. What's it like to be a flight attendant?
There are definite pros and cons to the career, but I absolutely love it! Stick around for a glimpse into the crazy, unexpected, amusing life of a flight attendant!


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