the girl in the galley

Hi! I'm Brianna—a 20 something follower of Jesus, flight attendant, tea drinker, bargain shopper, gluten free eater, animal lover, beauty product junkie, travel enthusiast. Welcome aboard!

Here, I will write about my transition from a happy homebody to a thrifty traveler. It will be filled with my personal ramblings on travel, life as a flight attendant, beauty products, my pets, and other haphazard adventures. To give a brief intro into 'the girl in the galley', here are 15 random facts that you might want to know. 

1. I have a dog named Tucker and a cat named Nadine.

2. I live with my best friend in a quaint little corner of the ghetto and love it.

3. I am an unworthy sinner who has been saved by grace. Because of Christ's atoning death and resurrection, I have been given a new heart and live that He might be glorified in and through me.

4. I am a graduate of Southeastern Bible College. My plan was to go to nursing school afterwards but God completely redirected my path and now, I'm a flight attendant.

5. I am a self-proclaimed southerner. Originally from Columbus, OH but relocated to Birmingham, AL about 11 years ago.

6. I am a very organized person. A cuter way of saying that I'm a clean freak.

7. I absolutely love the arts—painting, dance, music, etc.

8. My go-to foods? Fruity Pebbles, Chocolate Chex, and this gluten free soup.

9. Peanut butter + chocolate = absolute euphoria.

10. I can fluently speak in a British accent. 

11. I love all things vintage.

12. I consistently become interested in new things and quickly become passionate about them. My current obsessions? Juicing, healthy eating, and traveling.

13. I detest soda. Drinking any carbonated beverage feels like swallowing knives. 

14. I really want to learn a second language. Maybe Spanish or Arabic?

15. Sushi. Enough said.


  1. Relating to fact #10...weren't you driving up hill and freaking out about how to get the dead car stopped??? LOL!!!

    Absolutely adore the new blog (may be a little biased, being the British accent ((laughed way out loud with Daddy on that one too!!!)) speaking Momma that I am).

    Love you to 30,000 feet and back! ;o)

  2. Hi Brianna, my son starts his journey as a flight attendant in two weeks. He goes to trainig school in Houston. He grew up overseas and has always loved travel. But now I find myself fearful that you can't maintain any Christian fellowship with the irradic schedule. Any thoughts for a fearful mom?