Monday, March 25

meet the crew: kelly

Anndd we're back. So far you have met two crew members: Tucker and Nadine. While they are pretty great, you have yet to be introduced to the coolest crew member. Meet Kelly...

Kelly and I have a slightly unexpected story. We met in 2009 on a missions trip to Ghana, Africa. It was a team of 4 of us that signed up through the IMB for 10ish days to serve alongside a local church in Ghana. None of us knew each other before arriving in Ghana aside from our extensive Facebook messages and short phone calls to help each other figure out what to pack. The missions trip itself was very difficult and in a lot of ways disappointing, but little did we know, God was orchestrating a friendship that would bless us more than we could imagine.

Kelly and I stayed in touch here and there via Facebook for a few years after the trip. In 2011, she sent me a message telling me that she had applied to the University of Alabama and would potentially be moving down in the fall! I was, of course, a huge advocate of this and immediately told her that she has a place to stay if she was interested! After months of planning and preparation, Kelly moved down in August 2011. We have been roommates ever since.

Kelly has become a best friend...a lifelong friend. She has stuck with me through one of the most difficult years of my life and seriously deserves a medal for it. She has been my personal fashion consultant, road trip buddy, and party planning partner. I have always wanted a sister and I'm so thankful that God provided one for me in Kelly.

Kelly has always dreamed of going to Paris. And with my upcoming flight benefits, we will be visiting the City of Lights very soon. Brace yourself Paris, the dazzling duo is headed your way.

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