Monday, March 18

airport code angst

Back in high school, I remember receiving a Summer Reading List each year. We would have to go purchase whatever books were listed for your upcoming grade and read them to prepare you for class. (Is this a normal occurrence at other schools?) I never agreed with 'homework' over summer break. Therefore, the books stayed piled in the corner of my room, collecting dust until school started. I never rarely read them. I'm thinking it's time to change my ways...

Last week, I received my initial flight attendant training packet that consisted of over 50 pages of material that I need to become familiar with before training begins. Some of it is really exciting and fuels my excitement to get this process started. But, when I got to page 24ish, things took a sharp turn and made me want to take the packet and let it collect dust in the corner of my room for the next 3 weeks.

The next 15 pages consisted of airport codes. 238 of them. Now, I won't try to explain to you my disability challenges when it comes to geography. It's sad. Really. I blame my middle school. Nevertheless, this is going to be tough.

Thankfully, I was able to whip up this tasty treat to help with my pre-training studies.

Mmm...cereal cookies. Seriously though, this recipe couldn't be easier. I already had all the ingredients and threw it together in 10 minutes. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough peanut butter for what the recipe called for so I substituted with Nutella. And honestly, as much as I love Nutella, I would've preferred for it to be all peanut butter. I am a peanut butter addict though so the more PB, the better. Either way, the cookies are still delish and it helped soothe my sweet tooth.

Anyways, if in the next few weeks you find me surrounded by 200 notecards with a crazed look on my face, please pass me a cookie. It helps, trust me.


  1. So when are you going to be flying into BDL? Or LGA? Or HVN?

    1. I will be based out of NYC so I will be in LGA a lot! I don't know about BDL or HVN yet. I'm sure I'll fly there at some point! I'll try and bid a layover for one of those airports! Which is closest to you?