Wednesday, April 24

delayed arrival

The airline industry can easily be a place filled with stress and chocked-full of confusion. This seems to be a good depiction of my life these past two and a half weeks. Flight attendant training is no joke people. I fully intended to publish blogs weekly (hence the reason for this blog) but there has been absolutely no time. So, to catch you up, here's an overview of the first week of training.

Arrival: Sunday, April 7th
My wonderful dad drove me to Atlanta on Sunday after a cherished time of worship at church. It was a teary goodbye between Kelly and I, but I quickly became distracted by the reality of what was to come. We arrived at my new, temporary home sooner than I expected, hauled my luggage in, and headed to Target. There, we grabbed some essentials and then sadly, he headed home. Later in the evening, I met my amazing roommate Ashley and we prepared for our first day of training! Here are some shots of the hotel :)

The first week was our Indoctrination week. Essentially, we covered Federal Aviation Regulations and what goes into a day in the life of a flight attendant. Training is 6 days a week ranging from 8-11 hours a day. The first week was intense but gave me a good idea of how to approach the coming weeks. Week two was Emergency Management week. The hardest week of training. Stay tuned for details on that ;)

Sorry again for the lack of posting. Hopefully with Emergency Management week over, I'll be able to post more frequently. Sending love from the ATL.

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