Monday, May 20

wait, what airplane am i on?

MD-88/90, DC-9, 717, 737, A319/320, 777, 767, 757, A330, 747. Aircraft types. And to the untrained eye, they all look like this.

And even with training, they still look like that.

That's pretty much the overview of week 6 of flight attendant training. More aircraft types, more exits, more emergency equipment. We did have the opportunity to go and tour a 777 in the hangar which was so much fun! The crew rest facility and first class were amazing! Huge galleys, lay flat seats in first class, and an upper deck crew rest? Yes please.

Flight deck fun. 
Me and my roomie in the hangar.

Saturday, we had our last customer service training flight. Myself and two other trainees flew to Salt Lake City which was such a valuable experience. Actually going through the motions and doing the job puts all the pieces together. We were even able to sit in the cockpit during the flight and ask the captain and first officer questions! Let's just say, it's a pretty spectacular view.

Amazing training flight crew.

This week is my last week of flight attendant training. Can I get an AMEN?! It will be incredibly stressful but when I get my wings on Friday, it will all be worth it.

T-minus 5 days.

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