Tuesday, June 25

a hair-brained afternoon

I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to my hair. It's naturally straight and doesn't cause me many problems at all. I'm also admittedly cheap when it comes to my hair. I don't use a ton of products and the ones that I do use are drugstore products. (I'll do a haircare routine blog post soon with my favorite affordable products.) Anyways, I digress. Recently, the roomie and I needed a change of pace with our hair. I wanted to go blonder for the summer and she wanted to go ombre. I'm naturally a light brown/dirty blonde but have colored my hair red, blonde, brunette, and everything in between. Everything except black...that definitely wouldn't work with my skin tone. Kelly is a natural brunette but has colored her hair all kinds of fun ways, except going fully blonde. I had two days off in Birmingham in between trips so we squeezed in a trip to our new favorite hairstylist, Lindsey!! She is incredible and super affordable! Thanks to my sweet friend Kirstyn for referring us to her!

Here's the before photos:

We were short on time and my hair was all pinned up so I'm sorry for a not-so-great before picture!

My doll of a roommate—mid-beautifying! ;)

After a few hours of some serious salon hair-lovin', here's the final product:

Kelly's hair goes into a soft caramel in the above picture but she actually went back in a few days later and lightened the ends even more and it's incredible!! I love mine and am so happy I splurged a little to get it done!

Our salon night was a perfect, relaxing end to a couple of really stressful days for Kelly and I. Here's to summer hair and roommate fun :)

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  1. Oh my word! Girls, you look AMAZING!! Bri, I adore the blonde look again! Daddy will LOVE it! I can't wait to see both of you! Missing you tons! Love you to the moon and back~Momma