Wednesday, September 18

3 airports, 2 roomies, & 1 day in seattle

In July, I had a long Seattle layover. The day before my trip, the roomie and I were driving back from a doctors appointment and per usual, I was hard at work trying to convince her to join me. Typically in vain. But, do to a handful circumstances (working in our benefit), she finally caved agreed to come! So, I hopped online, booked her ticket, and it was done. The roomies-extraordinaire take Seattle.

I had never been to Seattle so I was beyond excited to explore the city. Kelly visited when she was 10 years old so it had been a while for her too. Our goals? Pike Place Market, the Original Starbucks, a cupcake shop for K, and a great view of the city. Check, check, check, and check.

First stop, Pike Place.

Can't explain in words my love for raspberries.

So, K hates seafood. I know, I know, I'm working on her. I, on the other hand, love it. The one and only place that she said she might try it again was Seattle. So clearly we opted for salmon-on-a-stick. Her first impression...

And after tasting it...she loved it. You're welcome. Next, I will make you love sushi. Because it's necessary.

Pike Place Market was probably my favorite part of Seattle. I always find myself in markets when I go to new cities and this was no exception. The music was great, the shops were unique, the food was fantastic, and the location was excellent.

Ahh....Starbucks. Perfect for every occasion.

We ordered tea and bought a mug. #success

Next, we found the gum wall. Disgusting? Interesting? After looking around for a while, K found a spot for our gum to go/stick/live.

Strangely beautiful? Or something?

We considered going to the Space Needle, but after doing some research we realized that the Sky View Observatory at the Columbia Center had a better view and was more affordable. Sold.

We had to book it to the Columbia Center because it closed earlier than we expected. On the way, we passed a shopping area that we both wanted to come back and explore despite it being a 20+ minute walk in the opposite direction. It's pretty hard for us to turn down Forever21 and impossible.

Unfortunately, this is where the photos end...why you might ask? Well, this girl lost her phone. SMH. So I ended up retracing my steps back to the observatory where it was found in the bathroom. Oy vey.

Overall, I love Seattle. I would honestly consider living there. The Market is incredible, the atmosphere is fun, and the city is amazing. I'm excited to say that I have another long layover there next week! K, thanks for joining me on this crazy adventure. I couldn't have asked a better person to come with! Love yewww.

Until next time,

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  1. Excellent post! Y'all look so stinkin cute and like you're having a blast!! Makes me think of London! ;-) Kinda wanna jump right back on a plane with ya! Love ya to the moon and back! Momma